InspecVision 2D and 3D Inspection and Reverse Engineering



InspecVision is a supplier out of Northern Ireland that develops and manufactures truly unique part inspection equipment.  This equipment is used to inspect metal and non-metal parts, objects and structures that need to hold close tolerances.  The InspecVision 2D equipment we offer takes a high-resolution digital picture of your parts, compares them to the CAD file of the part, and generates a deviation report.  Any inaccuracy between the part and the original drawing will be reported.

What makes the InspecVision product line so unique is that production equipment no longer has to be down or experience lulls while the inspections are taking place. The speed of the digital camera built into the equipment is fast; the average cycle time for each inspection process is up to 1/8 of a second to measure and 15 seconds to process the data.  Because of the efficiency this product brings, InspecVision machines can be placed right on the factory floor next to production equipment.  There is no need to place them in clean rooms or environmentally isolated areas.

Why InspecVision? 

Modern Manufacturing Technologies International has provided inspection machines to our clients for a number of years.  InspecVision is one of the best in the industry:

• MACH (MWP) 2006 Award for “Best Quality Control"

• SMART Technology Awards (European Union R & D competition)

• North Antrim Leader Award- “Best Exporter” and finalist in the “Best Business Startup” category at the North Antrim Leader Business Awards 2006

• ISO 9000:2001 certified company

Recommended Products

Modern Manufacturing Technologies is proud to offer the following InspecVision inspection machines:

• Planar 2D
• Opti-Scan 3D

Recommended Products