Planar 2D Inspection System (with optional 3D)

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The Planar 2D inspection system (with optional integrated 3D scanning) is notably the world’s fastest 2D inspection system on the market today. 

MMT International is proud to offer a variety of models under the Planar product line.

Perfect for almost any flat and/or opaque material including metal, wood, plastic, Mylar, gasket materials and paper. The Planar system can measure multiple parts simultaneously and reverse engineer drawings and image files to dxf.  The technology is currently installed and operating in more than 30 countries and is currently being used for parts associated with the automotive, aerospace, energy, communication and engineering industries, as well as for parts and structures associated with construction equipment, cabinets and enclosures, job shops and many others.

Planar Inspection Equipment Key Advantages:

  • • It’s the worlds fastest, most efficient flat material inspection system providing up to 40 million measurement points in just 0.1 seconds
  • • Many models to choose from - table sizes and accuracies to fit a range of requirements
  • • Part to CAD comparison results; color-coded deviation maps provided
  • • Designed for the factory floor - runs right next to turrets and lasers
  • • Single click, fully automated and integrated part inspection and analysis
  • • Limited manpower needed; no moving parts so limited physical maintenance required
  • • Outstanding cost/performance inspection ratio
  • • Simple, turn-key set-up
  • • Can measure multiple O-Rings simultaneously
  • • Automatic software updates included; on-going support and training provided

Planar Inspection Equipment Model Types:

2015 planar modelssmall

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See the videos below for more information on the Planar Inspection Technology.

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